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The Legal Firm

Dear guest,

we are the legal firm ”Buck & Collegen“ of Erfurt city and consult since 1996 private persons and medium enterprises. Also large companies with concern structure and societies count among our valuable clients. Besides the sector-specific legal services, we specialize in the core areas of private law: from general civil, labor, family, corporate and housing law to insurance and even energy law.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice and representation, thus delivering the necessary assistance in our difficult legal world.

We are known for the high quality of our work, as well as for our clear language and dedication. We work precisely and thorough, fast and goal-oriented, highly committed and dedicated. Our experience helps us combine expertise with professional knowledge and converse with clients in their language.

Do you have any legal problems, plans or ideas and would like to become a reliable partner for solution of implementation? Early legal advice allows you legally secured activity. No matter whether you know us, because you’re already been a client of ours, or hearing from us for the first time, let us know about your concerns on early stages and we will offer you a personal and trustworthy legal counselor, who will be ready to help you in word and deed.

Buck & Collegen